luminous nw is a full-service lighting design company that is leading the "well-lit home" revolution. We focus on mid-range new construction, additions, and remodels.

We work with homeowners, general and electrical contractors, and architects in the greater Seattle area to deliver well-designed light at a surprisingly affordable price.


Discover the difference of a well-lit home.

Whether you consciously feel it or not, the lighting in your house dramatically affects your life: body, mind, and soul!

At luminous nw we work with you to develop a lighting concept for your residence that is comfortable, efficient, and fits your budget.

We've worked on new construction, renovation, even single room makeovers. We promise you’ll see the difference!

A Little Bit More...

Whether you are building a home for yourself, remodeling a current one, or just looking to enhance your living space, lighting will play the key role in making it feel right. A well-lit home can be a sanctuary, enhancing your mood and creativity, providing you with internal balance and a pleasant space to relax and entertain.

These effects are achieved by placing the right type of light fixture (with the proper bulb!) in the right place. Our experience allows us to quickly figure out what mood or environment you are trying to create in a space and translate that to locations and fixtures. Even if you’ve been provided a lighting plan already, we improve and customize it, often lowering the overall cost for lighting and making it personalized for what you need.

We offer one-hour consultations as well as three tiers of more comprehensive service. Our passion is good lighting for EVERYONE, so our prices are extremely affordable and tailored to fit any budget. Contact us below to see how we can might light work for YOU!

“We worked with Nathanael on lighting for our kitchen remodel. He was professional, thoughtful, and full of ideas we hadn't thought of. We really did learn a lot about both natural and designed lighting, and our finished space is really great, transformed from a cramped, dark 1920s kitchen to an open and welcoming family space. Highly recommend.” - Nora
“We were introduced to Lighting Designer, Nathanael Washam, by our general contractor. At first, we were not convinced that we needed a designer, but after meeting Nathanael and hearing his ideas for lighting our home, we realized that designing the lighting is not something we could do ourselves. Nathanael was good at figuring out our lighting needs based on how we would use individual rooms and he drew a detailed lighting diagram that was invaluable to our electrician. Throughout the process, Nathanael was courteous and friendly. We are very happy with the results and would recommend his services to anyone building or remodeling.” - Joyce


Your job is about to get lighter.

Your clients want efficient, excellent lighting... if it doesn't strain their budget. You have a million other things to do.

Enter luminous nw. We work directly with your client to provide you with detailed lighting plans at a surprisingly affordable price.

Your clients love the finished product because you focused on your strengths and we lit it well. Good call.

A Little Bit More...

Because your potential clients are building a new home or remodeling their existing one, they already value customization. They want the physical space to fit THEM. Not only does the lighting shape how they perceive what you’ve built, it dramatically affects how the occupants feel as they live in a home.

Standard lighting plans cover only the bare-minimum needed to provide safety and adequate task lighting. They do not take into account your clients’ individual needs or preferences, nor the role light-placement can take in bettering their lives. (There are numerous studies to back the latter up.)

For most construction projects, however, budgets are EXTREMELY tight and anything beyond the basics is scrutinized. Here are two reasons why your clients will pay a little bit extra for this service:

  1. Though most people don’t naturally know how important lighting is, it doesn’t take much (especially in the dark and cloudy Pacific Northwest) for us to be able to show clients how designed light can benefit them EVERY DAY. Return-on-investment begins as soon as they move in!
  2. With luminous nw, lighting design is surprisingly affordable. We offer three tiers of service, working with you to help it fit within your clients’ budget.
  3. For more information and pricing specifics, contact us by hitting the button below.

    “Nathanael has helped several of my remodel/custom home clients with their lighting design. He's also helped me design the lighting for my own home remodel. In each case, he has helped us save money (including covering the cost of his services, which are very reasonable). What I've noticed in working with Nathanael, is that he really knows lighting... and can be super efficient with it...He applies his knowledge so that when the space is finished, it feels like it should in the space. Each room turns out, just right...If you're asking whether or not a lighting designer is worth it, I'll say in my experience, its a resounding yes. He's worth every penny.” - Graham, General Contractor


Reveal the quality of your work.

Should you use LEDs? Do you need THAT many can-lights? What’s the newest code and do you comply?

Let luminous nw guide you through a tricky aspect of a project, provide you with a custom lighting plan, or help you find the perfect fixture.

If you want to streamline your lighting plans and give your client the highest quality product, partner with us today!

A Little Bit More...

Like most architects, you probably do most of your own lighting plans. You might have worked with a lighting designer a couple of times, but your current design process is based on you doing all the lighting. Cool. Is it worth it?

What if all you had to do was have a short design-meeting with luminous nw and after a quick turn-around, BOOM! the code-correct, client-personalized, fits-right-into-your-paperwork-system-of-choice lighting plan is done? All for a price that might make you look twice.

Or maybe you like drawing your own plans. Great! What about those random problems you don’t want to take the time to figure out? We offer a “designer on retainer” special for just these types of things. You bring the issue, we solve it.

For more information on how we can integrate with your practice and our pricing specifics, contact us by hitting the button below.

“We had great luck using Nathanael Washam with luminous nw recently. He was straightforward in his approach...creative, and realistic with the client’s budget.” - Jeffrey, AIA architect
“...I have had good experiences with Nathanael...” - Susan, AIA architect